Our Customers
Unipart Dorman works with companies globally in the supply of materials and services.

Unipart Dorman and its network of global partners supply innovative LED technology solutions to the transportation sector worldwide.

Since its recent North American inception in January 2007 Unipart Dorman has impressively already secured projects and contracts spanning the following states and provinces. A growing trend as news starts to spread of the Unipart Dorman portfolio benefits and customer focused approach.

USA - Texas, California, Florida, Oregon, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, Missouri, Washington, Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado and Wyoming

Canada - Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Vancouver

Working with the rail and road industry policy makers, Unipart Dorman has a breadth of knowledge of our customers’ unique requirements and has received product recognition from several governing bodies.

FHWA - Evaluation of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs on Curves:
A national demonstration project
AASHTO - Technology Implementation Group Select Sequential Barricade Taper Warning Light systems as focus technology after Nomination by Missouri DOT
SWZDI- Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative evaluate cost safety benefits of SynchroGUIDE
APWA- Alberta Public Works Association - City of Calgary VATCS program wins the Alberta Public Works Association Project of the Year for 2012 under the "Technical Innovation" category.

At Unipart Dorman, we work closely with our customers, continuously improving the product and services and managing the day to day relationship through our key regional strategic partners.

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Featured Products
  • A proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming solution for manageing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications

  • A small lightweight Speed FeedBack Device provising speed feedback to motorists helping to improve their compliance with speed limits

  • Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message

  • Intelligent sequential warning at work zone entrances, find out more

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of hazards at temporary utility work zones.

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of vehicle hazards at mobile work zones.

  • An emergency services and utilities favourite, the Pro B LIte has compacted the work zone SynchroGUIDE technology into rechargeable 5 lamp set

  • Unipart Dorman’s extensive Traffic Management Range includes both high and low intensity lamps that have been designed for quick and easy deployment.

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