Our values
Quality by Design & End to End Innovation.

Unipart Way
Many companies are seeking to engage the creative talents of their people to find innovative ways to reduce cost, improve productivity and do more for their customers. Unipart has dedicated over 20 years of deliberate practice perfecting a way to do just that.

We call it The Unipart Way. It is an integrated business system that works in any size organization, in any sector, anywhere in the world, and it is based on our mission 'to meet the real and perceived needs of our customers better than anyone else'.

Using the 18 guiding principles of 'The Unipart Way', we take a systematic approach to improve “faster than the next best alternative”. We understand the business that our customers are in and we always focus on their customers’ experience. Our aim is to be the best at what we do.

Quality By Design
We have an in-house team of electronic and mechanical design engineers, fully equipped to support a highly skilled manufacturing facility, who are committed to our philosophy of innovative design and production excellence.

Proven Reliability
We use only the best quality parts, comprehensive ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ analysis and ISO 9001 quality assurance systems to guarantee our products continue to excel.

Outstanding Performance
We understand that our products are used in the harshest of environments and we work tirelessly to ensure that the design is robust enough to handle the toughest of conditions. We know that maintaining the safety of road and rail users in all types of climates and weather conditions is paramount.

Setting The Bar In Safety
Our record for introducing innovative industry benchmark safety products is second to none.

Road: SynchroGUIDE - intelligent wireless sequential lighting has significantly increased driver and worker safety at work zone tapers

Rail: iLS- Integrated Lightweight Signals completely remove working at height risks for railway signaling staff and installation crews.

Working Together Is Best
We actively engage with our customers and supply chain partners from concept to production and beyond to guarantee the best experience.

The Relationship Continues After Delivery
We have an outstanding customer support team that ensures we provide the expected high level of after sales technical support and product training.

Continuous Improvement
We are careful to learn from our experiences and find our own way to improve.

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  • A proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming solution for manageing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications

  • A small lightweight Speed FeedBack Device provising speed feedback to motorists helping to improve their compliance with speed limits

  • Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message

  • Intelligent sequential warning at work zone entrances, find out more

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of hazards at temporary utility work zones.

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of vehicle hazards at mobile work zones.

  • An emergency services and utilities favourite, the Pro B LIte has compacted the work zone SynchroGUIDE technology into rechargeable 5 lamp set

  • Unipart Dorman’s extensive Traffic Management Range includes both high and low intensity lamps that have been designed for quick and easy deployment.

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