Skilled In Design
Unipart Dorman has a well-established team of Design Engineers excelling in the Electronic,
Mechanical and Optical Design disciplines.

Unipart Dorman has a well-established team of Design Engineers excelling in the Electronic, Mechanical and Optical Design disciplines.

We employ cutting edge computer aided design to develop solutions, taking 3D Virtual reality modeling through to fully functioning prototypes using techniques such as CNC machining and 3D printing. This means that expensive design outsourcing is virtually eliminated and there are no 3rd party time delays in providing high quality pre-production items for customer evaluation.

The Application Development Team engages with the customer from the initial approach through to product approval and introduction to service.

An effective customer/supplier relationship is established allowing product development to be a true collaboration. Suggestions for improvement can be generated by all parties and rapidly incorporated by the Design Team throughout the whole product development process.

Skilled in Partnerships
Whether we are designing new products for a specific application, or developing new concepts for global sectors with market development partners, we are always exploring innovative approaches and new ideas to deliver genuine customer benefits.

Unique People Delivering Intelligent Design

Accreditations and Associations
The company holds a quality management system certificate to ISO 9001:2008, and is a member of British Standards Institute (BSI) and we proudly carry endorsements from the following bodies.

  • UL Underwriters Laboritories
  • BiTC
  • IPC Soldering Standards
  • Investor in People
  • Carbon Trust
  • LinkUp

Association Membership

  • RSSI
  • REMA
  • IRSE
  • RIA

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  • A proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming solution for manageing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications

  • A small lightweight Speed FeedBack Device provising speed feedback to motorists helping to improve their compliance with speed limits

  • Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message

  • Intelligent sequential warning at work zone entrances, find out more

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of hazards at temporary utility work zones.

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of vehicle hazards at mobile work zones.

  • An emergency services and utilities favourite, the Pro B LIte has compacted the work zone SynchroGUIDE technology into rechargeable 5 lamp set

  • Unipart Dorman’s extensive Traffic Management Range includes both high and low intensity lamps that have been designed for quick and easy deployment.

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