This is Unipart Dorman
Unipart Dorman is a leading manufacturer of LED solutions for the transportation sector in both
Rail and Road applications and our name is recognized globally for quality, innovation and
unparalleled customer service.

Customer focus and employee engagement is at the core of everything we do, its the Unipart Way.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs and collaborate closely with them to work out solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. The Unipart Dorman customer experience is our number one differentiator - clients like to work with us and this has proved to be the essential ingredient to establishing our unrivaled reputation.

The key to developing innovative product solutions is the engineering excellence our unique team provides. Whether in design, testing or manufacturing, we utilize the latest techniques backed by over 130 years of experience to ensure we meet and where possible exceed our customers’ requirements.

Clients have the added comfort in the knowledge that we can call upon the Group’s global resources, including embracing Unipart Way lean tools and techniques, which allow us to constantly challenge and continuously improve.

Our standing in the market has been built on a tireless work ethic to meet the above goals and we look forward to hearing about your challenges and being of service to you in the near future.

Unipart Dorman’s North American venture was established in Ontario, Canada in January 2007. The company is an arm of Unipart Dorman UK, originally founded in 1991, and is supported by Unipart North America Ltd est. 1998 with office locations in Toronto ON, Mahwah NJ, Atlanta GA and Brisbane CA.

Unipart Rail commands an extensive portfolio within the rail industry - product solutions can be provided as standalone or part of a turnkey supply chain management service.

Our customers have significant challenges in balancing safety, operational efficiency and cost to deliver world-class rail services. We help them achieve this by working collaboratively to drive both innovation and efficiencies into their business.

Whether operating in infrastructure design, build or maintenance, or in traction & rolling stock build and maintenance, our services deliver safety, cost, time and environmental benefits.

Our services cover:

  • Product supply from a catalog of around 70,000 items
  • Materials management
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement and professional services
  • Creative engineering & innovation
  • Obsolescence management
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Kitting services
  • Lean transformation
  • Continuous improvement.

What sets us apart is that we are railway people with railway experience - not just a consultancy.

Unipart Dorman is a subsidiary of Unipart Rail For more Information on Unipart Rail click here

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  • A proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming solution for manageing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications

  • A small lightweight Speed FeedBack Device provising speed feedback to motorists helping to improve their compliance with speed limits

  • Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message

  • Intelligent sequential warning at work zone entrances, find out more

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of hazards at temporary utility work zones.

  • Highlighting personal protection and identification of vehicle hazards at mobile work zones.

  • An emergency services and utilities favourite, the Pro B LIte has compacted the work zone SynchroGUIDE technology into rechargeable 5 lamp set

  • Unipart Dorman’s extensive Traffic Management Range includes both high and low intensity lamps that have been designed for quick and easy deployment.

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