Incident Management
Enhancing both driver and emergency responder safety with innovative technology.

Every emergency service provider’s number one obligation is to the safety of their personnel in the field. Providing them with the tools to help ensure this safety is continuously improving to match the hazards out on the road network is essential.

The innovative ProBLITE™ wireless sequential LED warning lamp has taken the construction zone SynchroGUIDE™ wireless technology and compacted it into a 12V rechargeable 5 pack lamp kit. It is always ready for rapid deployment from the trunk of a Police cruiser or storage compartment of a Fire truck.

The kits are available in red, blue, white or amber and are seen as a cost effective replacement for incendiary flare deployment.

Temporary traffic incident lane control site or DUI checkpoints can be confusing to drivers as they approach. Better driver recognition of the merging taper with ProBLITE™ deployment will deliver:

  • Safer driver approach speeds
  • Maximize traffic flow - promotes smooth lane merge
  • Less last second decisions/taper merge maneuvers
  • Less potential for secondary incidents
  • Safer work zone for Emergency responder personnel
  • Less risk of accident in the sector of the zone that has one of the highest current fatality rates
  • Public Support for an easy to understand safety enhancement

Deploying the award winning ProBLITE™ sequential wireless warning lamp taper guide is a highly visible safety action for your incident lane control management, with independently proven safety benefits and results that quickly improve driver recognition of the merging taper.

Contact us now to arrange a field trial evaluation. Industry experts agree that emergency service providers recognized as leaders in highway safety cannot afford to ignore this innovative traffic safety technology advancement.

ProBLITE™ heads up our extensive traffic management portfolio of warning lights which includes barricade lamps, utility lamps and vehicle beacons.

For more information on our traffic management portfolio please use the links below.

Emergency Service Providers

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Improves lane discipline and reduces average vehicle approach speed to incident by affording better driver recognition of the merging taper and reducing the potential for secondary incidents.
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Highlighting personal protection and identification of hazards at temporary utility work zones.
Vehicle Beacons
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Highlighting personal protection and identification of vehicle hazards at mobile work zones.

Traffic Management
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Unipart Dorman’s extensive Traffic Management Range includes both high and low intensity lamps that have been designed for quick and easy deployment.
ConeLITE Synchro
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Making sequential lane closure deployment quicker for temporary work zones and emergency traffic management scenarios.
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