Signaling & Indication
Combining our strengths of signaling know how and innovation to deliver improved
safety performance and reduced operating costs.

Enhancements of rail users’ safety is paramount and our reliability credentials come from over 90,000 installed LED light sources with zero field failures.

LED signal technology offers unrivaled cost-to-reliability ratios and delivers significantly improved safety performance. And at a reduced total ownership cost compared to traditional filament lamp signal systems. In utilizing LED technology across our range of trackside signals and route indicators we offer the rail operator an economical solution with peace-of-mind that comes from our quality and sector experience credentials.

Unipart Dorman is at the forefront and heart of the introduction of LED technology to the railway signalling sector. As a prime supplier to major rail network operators we have many years of experience and know-how in developing rail products and application solutions; these competences have been used as a springboard international markets working with major players across the rail sector.


The Rail network continuously demands increased efficiency and safety whilst driving down cost. The Integrated Lightweight Signal (iLS) is our latest product development to help meet these challenges by using materials not previously seen in railway signaling. These make it light enough to dispense with expensive structures, but strong enough to withstand the harshest of conditions.

This new technology allied with advanced optics has produced a signal which delivers outstanding performance coupled with exceptional efficiency. The iLS range adapts easily to any project by virtue of its wide range of base, post, lamp proving and aspect display combinations.

For more information on our Rail-LED signaling portfolio please use the links below.

LED Signaling Solutions

LED Signaling Handbook
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Our expertise has led to the development of a range of products for use in applications across the rail network.
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