Community Traffic Calming
Adjusting driver behavior to making roads safer in your community

Improving road safety in your community is the prime focus and driver behind our Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Sign portfolio. The portfolio is headlined by our Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs, VATCS - no other company in North America offers this custom approach to changing driver behavior.

VATCS are conformant with the FHWA and TAC MUTCD, consistent and clear in the message they provide, hazard specific, independently proven to be long term effective at reducing speeds and fatalities and deliver a reasoned targeted warning to ensure the most positive driver response is attained.

If you have a hazard with speed related issues that is depicted in the MUTCD we can create a VATCS specific to your application to ensure you give drivers a correctly sized, clear and consistent targeted warning message and deliver the desired driver behavior change results.

When deployed in school zones, at curves or urban areas they visibly contribute to traffic calming initiatives designed to reduce vehicle speeds and/or alert drivers to the possible presence of vulnerable pedestrians, hazards or changes in road conditions in the road ahead.

To supplement the VATCS we also offer a commodity range of driver feedback signs, the DF series.

Circa 35,000 people are killed on North American roads each year. The greatest numbers of traffic fatalities occur away from the major highways on rural county and urban conventional roads. Inappropriate speed is the major contributory factor in over 32% of road fatalities.

The current economic cost to society of road related fatalities is significant, NHTSA estimate each fatality at $3m, equating to over a $100 billion per annum.

For more information on our community traffic calming products please use the links below.

Community Traffic Calming Solutions

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The proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming sign solution for managing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications
DF11 Series
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A small lightweight Speed Feedback Device providing speed feedback to motorists helping improve their compliance with speed limit
DF15 Series
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Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message.
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