Curve Departures
Staying ahead of the curve with advance driver warning technology to reduce curve departure fatalities.

Making curves safer in rural and urban communities is the prime focus and driver behind our Dynamic LED Curve Warning Vehicle Activated Traffic Calming Signs VATCS - no other company in North America offers this proven custom approach to changing driver behavior at curves.

Dynamic Curve Warning VATCS are conformant with the FHWA and TAC MUTCD, consistent and clear in the message they provide, hazard specific to the type of curve, independently proven to be long term effective at reducing speeds and fatalities, and deliver a reasoned targeted warning to ensure the most positive driver response is attained.

If you have a hazardous curve with speed related issues we can supply a VATCS specific to your need to ensure you give drivers a correctly sized, clear and consistent targeted warning message and deliver the desired driver behavior change and accident reduction results.

76% of the curve-related fatal crashes involve single vehicles leaving the roadway and striking trees, utility poles, rocks, (or other fixed objects) or overturning, and another 11% are head-on crashes - the result of one vehicle drifting into the opposing lane when a driver tries to cut the curve, or the redirection of the vehicle after running onto the shoulder.

Circa 35,000 people are killed on North American roads each year. The greatest numbers of traffic fatalities occur away from the major highways on rural county and urban conventional roads. Inappropriate speed is the major contributory factor in over 32% of road fatalities. Almost 25% of the people who die each year on the Nation’s roadways are killed in vehicle crashes at curves. The average crash rate for horizontal curves is about three times that of other highway segments.

For consistent vehicle activated traffic calming check out other models in our VATCS range using the links below.

Curve Departures Solutions

Dynamic Curve Warning
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Being hazard specific another popular application of the VATCS is advance warning of curves with speed run off problems and high vehicle rollovers incidence levels.
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The chevron VATCS product series is available in both steady burn (SBC series) and vehicle activated version (VAC series).
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The proven vehicle activated LED traffic calming sign solution for managing excessive speed and reducing fatalities in roadway applications.

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A small lightweight Speed Feedback Device providing speed feedback to motorists helping improve their compliance with speed limits
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Escalate warning message from speed feedback display to slow down utilizing dynamic beacons to enhance the message.
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