ConeLITE Synchro
Improve driver attention of your Cone taper with the only recognized FHWA eligible cone mounted LED wireless sequential light system available today - HSST/WZ-339

ConeLITE Synchro follows on the heels of the award winning AASHTO TIG 2011 focus technology, SynchroGUIDE™ and allows all of the better driver recognition safety benefits of the drum bolt mounted barricade taper lamp to be safely and rapidly transferred to Cone tapers.

Introduced in response to a Congress directive to improve the efficiency and safety of US highway system, and the FHWA’s first national, multi-disciplinary traffic incident management (TIM) process and training program, the unique ConeLITE Synchro design allows sequential light taper guide deployment to be virtually simultaneous with the deployment of the cone taper. The body of the lamp folds in on itself to encapsulate the drop in battery, while at the same time presenting a smart carrying handle, switch on is automatic as the device is dropped onto the cone, with continuous operation up to 1100hrs from a single Unipart Dorman DAAB50 battery.

ConeLITE Synchro operates identically to the SynchroGUIDE and is also available in a Red and Blue lens for emergency responder deployment. For more information on “UD - ConeLITE Synchro - Regaining Respect for the taper - WZ and TIM Crashes an Avoidable Tragedy” please download the white paper.

ConeLITE Synchro and SynchroGUIDE are registered trademarks of the Unipart Group.

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