DF 11 Series
Portable compact driver feedback solution, ideal for quick relocation and install on existing infrastructure for temporary driver speed education campaigns on low speed roads.

DF11 driver feedback signs are installed to work in tandem with existing static regulatory and warning signage, and are targeted at specific drivers traveling above a pre-determined safe speed threshold.

DF11 employ microwave Doppler radar to detect vehicle approach speeds and uses 2 no. 11” seven segment LED characters to display driver speed.

Importantly the DF11 is not a replacement for static signage or to be used as a repeater - they are a speed targeted supplementary advisory device.


  • Lightweight 25lb (including batteries) making it a simple 1 person install
  • Low Power Consumption allows AC rechargeable operation of 12 to 18 days between charges
  • Portability - available with a wide range of separate universal mounting plates that allows operator to rotate around locations with ease
  • Optional Data logging for performance evaluation
  • Robust vandal resistant weatherproof case
  • Time, date stamped speed data recording as standard
  • Plug and play install (all cables, brackets provided)
  • Rechargeable battery, Solar or Hardwire AC power options

Compact, robust and highly mobile speed feedback device, the DF11 lends itself well to driver speed education on low speed roads in both the public and commercial /industrial sectors.

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