DF 15 Series
Educating drivers of their speeds and escalating warning message to change driver behavior and improve safety for all road users.

DF15 signs are installed to work in tandem with existing static regulatory and warning signage, and are targeted at specific drivers traveling above a pre-determined safe speed threshold.

Drivers are informed of their speed and if excessive speed is detected the warning message escalates to include slow down message and flashing corner beacons to emphasize the requirement for the driver to reduce speed.

DF15 employ microwave Doppler radar to detect vehicle approach speeds and use 2 no. 15” seven segment LED characters to display driver speed.

Importantly, the DF15 is not a replacement for static signage or to be used as a repeater - they are a speed targeted supplementary advisory device.


  • High intensity LED display with night time auto dimming
  • Fully configurable escalating display warning modes including SLOW DOWN
  • Dynamic flashing beacons, alternating top and bottom
  • SLOW ICE warning message activated by external temperature
  • Robust vandal resistant weatherproof case
  • Time, date stamped speed data recording as standard
  • Automated scheduling software for school zones
  • Plug and play install (all cables, brackets provided)
  • Dual Solar and Hardwire AC power options
  • Optional hybrid 110V AC charger for night time street lighting supply
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