Enhancing both driver and emergency responder safety with innovative technology.

Responders accept that their job is hazardous, but this acceptance does not diminish the importance of taking steps to protect your personnel from the hazards inherent in their activities, including the development, deployment, and continued improvement of personal protective traffic management technology such as Pro B LITE Sequential LED warning taper guide.

Pro B LITE Sequential Guide

Unipart Dorman has compacted the award winning SynchroGUIDE™ wireless work zone LED merging taper guide technology into Pro-B-LITE, a 12V rechargeable 5 lamp set complete with charging tray.

The Pro-B-LITE kits are available in blue, red or amber. What differentiates the Pro-B-LITE guide from other types of flashing warning lights is the unique intelligent wireless sequential operation of the lights to form a clear directional path for traffic during lane closures. The Pro B LITE Type C steady back-light illuminates the entire taper, while the Type B high intensity pulse provides the directional guide.

The lights may be mounted either directly on the ground or raised on cones with optional cone brackets. Each lamp automatically recognizes where it sits in the deployed chain with no master/slave relationship, allowing rapid deployment in any order.

Independently proven to improve driver recognition of the merging taper the Pro-B-LITE will significantly help improve emergency responder safety at traffic incidents by affording better driver recognition of the merging taper.

Benefits from Deploying Sequential LED Taper Guides

  • Better driver recognition of the incident merging taper
  • Demonstrated reduction in driver approach speeds to the incident
  • Maximize traffic flow - promotes smooth lane merge
  • Less last second decisions/taper merge maneuvers - better/earlier lane discipline
  • Low cost counter measure with potential high returns
  • Less risk of accident in the sector of the zone that has one of highest current fatality rates
  • Provides safer environmentally friendly alternative to incendiary type flare deployment
  • Provides directional driver guide while illuminating the entire taper, which other random flashing warning light sources do not
  • Meets standard referenced in 2009 FHWA MUTCD 6f .63 12 and NCHRP 350 requirements
  • Engenders public support, and appreciation for easy to understand safety improvement

Stand Out Features

  • Deploy in Any order Intelligent wireless communications, will sequence when deployed in any order
  • No Master or Slave If one is knocked out of chain it won’t affect the remainder
  • Simple install Exactly the same as the standard light
  • Rechargeable in vehicle 12V charging tray means lights are ready for deployment at all times from vehicle
  • Illuminates and directs combining the steady backlight to illuminate taper with high intensity directional pulse to guide traffic

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