Intelligent sequential warning at work zone entrance.

Unipart Dorman Synchroguide
The SynchroGUIDE lamp series was designed to be a simply deployed tool which would not only dynamically enhance the visibility of the work zone entrance compared to the use of static lamps, but at the same time improve driver lane discipline by providing a directional guide.

The SynchroGUIDE product combines the latest in LED lamp and lens technology with intelligent synchronisation wireless communications technology to enable cone taper deployment lengths of up to 250 synchronised lamps.

Benefits from Deploying Sequential LED Taper Guides

  • Better driver recognition of the merging taper and work zone
  • Demonstrated reduction in driver approach speeds
  • Maximize traffic flow - promotes smooth lane merge
  • Less last second decisions/taper merge maneuvers - better/earlier lane discipline
  • Low cost counter measure with potential high returns
  • Less risk of accident in the sector of the zone that has one of highest current fatality rates
  • Drivers more likely to perceive work zone is active
  • Meets standard referenced in 2009 FHWA MUTCD 6f .63 12 and NCHRP 350 requirements
  • Engenders public support, and appreciation for easy to understand safety improvement

Stand-Out Features

  • Deploy in any order - Intelligent wireless communications will sequence when deployed in any order
  • No Master or Slave - If one is knocked out of chain won’t affect the remainder
  • Simple install - exactly same as standard light
  • Robust and field proven - Over 50,000 units in field since 2005

Work Zone Facts and Current Situation

  • Annual average for work zone traffic crash fatalities recorded over past 5 years is circa 600
  • 85% + of work zone fatalities are drivers or passengers
  • High % of fatalities occur in taper and advance area
  • NHTSA estimate $3m cost per fatality, $1.8 billion/annum
  • Night time fatality to crash ratio is 2.6/100, while daytime ratio is 1.8/100. (Garber, NJ and M Zhao Virginia 2002)
  • Night-time zones to increase from current 40% of all work zones
  • Growing capital expenditure on road preservation increasing motorist exposure to work zones


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