Making Roads Safer - VATCS and our behind the scenes team of engineers are dedicated to supporting this commitment to action in your community. Drive safe and save a life today.

Unipart Dorman’s approach to LED based vehicle activated traffic calming with VATCS is unique in North America. While our competition go for economies of scale to offer one fit all driver feedback sign technology, in an ever increasing range of styles and formats, our team is dedicated to providing our custom range of VATCS specifically designed to be consistent and in accordance with MUTCD requirements to address and be fit for purpose for your application

It is both proven and common sense that the best overall driver behavior change to excessive speed is attained when drivers understand the message, understand it is targeted at them and well thought out.

VATCS don’t tell the driver what speed he is traveling on approach to a hazard or school zone, we tell them what speed they should be doing or inform them of the type of approaching hazard and a requirement for them to slow down to safely maneuver and continue their journey.

The team of electronic and mechanical engineers at Unipart Dorman has built up an unrivalled knowledge of LED radar activated signs for a variety of traffic calming, hazard warning and driver awareness applications.

Products are manufactured to conform to the appropriate North American, European and International performance specifications and standards. All our activities are co-ordinated under the auspices of our ISO9001:2008 accreditation approved and audited by BSI. In addition to this, we have also invested heavily in achieving environmental compliance to ISO 14001.

We’ve seen it before in other markets where driver feedback signs start to morph in to VATCS, don’t wait for others to catch up and insist on the best. Please contact our team to discuss any questions you may have on the signs featured in the VATCS series below.


Posted Speed Limit
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By providing a consistent and clear message of the posted speed limit combined with the Slow Down message and dynamic flashing beacons.
School Zones
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A very popular format of VATCS the sign is dual diagram either with dual posted speed limits or with one posted speed limit and the school warning diagram.
Animal Collision
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Animal crossing collisions are a factor in highway accident rates and in some cases can be fatal for both the wildlife and the driver of the vehicle involved.

Cyclist Ahead
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The VATCS may be installed to give additional emphasis to the targeted driver of cyclist activity ahead.
Advanced Hazard Warning
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Being hazard specific another popular application of the VATCS is advance warning of road hazards such as concealed junctions or narrow bridges.
Advanced Traffic Control
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The VATCS may be installed in advance of a primary traffic control device (eg traffic circle), to give additional emphasis to the targeted driver, even when visibility distances to the device are satisfactory.

Dynamic Curve Warning
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Being hazard specific another popular application of the VATCS is advance warning of curves with speed run off problems and high vehicle rollovers incidence levels.
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The chevron VATCS product series is available in both steady burn (SBC series) and vehicle activated version (VAC series).
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