Combining the strengths of reflective and LED technology to enhance chevron visibility at hazardous curves in all types of light and weather conditions.

The SBC steady burn chevron sign series was developed at the request of British Columbia Ministry of Transport to be deployed at curve locations in the province with known high accident/fatality statistics.

The first pilot installation was installed in the Cariboo district at Walkers Curve in the fall of 2010 and the 1st year anniversary testimonial results proved very encouraging for a curve that was previously well known for fatalities.

  • Zero complaints
  • Zero crashes
  • Zero electrical problems
  • Minimal cleaning 4 washes compared to about 50 washes for the regular W-62 signs
  • $100 approx in electrical operating costs
  • SBC Chevrons are incredible in fog much more visible than anticipated, the standard chevron sign visibility deteriorates in a snow storm compared to the SBC LED chevron sign.
  • SBC chevrons are still visible under a skiff of snow, snow doesn’t stick to the face of sign

SBC chevrons have since established themselves as an important tool for BCMOT in their challenge of lowering fatalities at curves. The SBC chevron combination of high intensity LED reflective sign sheeting provides enhanced display visibility in all types of light and weather conditions. It also significantly reduces the cost of maintenance for cleaning in comparison to a standard reflective sign.

CMRU – (Chevron Master Radar Unit) Sequential Chevron Series

The CMRU Chevron Master Radar unit was first introduced in a pilot installation on Highway 97, Monte Lake, BC and allowed the SBC LED enhanced chevrons to also provide a dynamic, directional, sequential warning aid to targeted drivers approaching the curve over a pre-determined safe speed.

The CMRU is programmed using custom windows based software over a Bluetooth™ wireless connection from a client supplied Laptop or Netbook. The CMRU configurable parameters include, trigger speed, radar range, chevron intensity levels, sequential pulse speed and traffic speed data collection.

The CMRU is mounted onto the same post and connected to the lead SBC chevron over a 4 core screened cable, and the lead chevron in turn is connected to remaining SBC chevrons in the chain over a 2 core screened data cable link.

The chevrons operate in steady burn mode at all times except when the CMRU detects an approach vehicle speed above the trigger speed, it then sends a high intensity sequential pulse along the chain of steady burn chevrons, providing an enhanced directional warning aid to the targeted driver.

The CMRU is also available as an upgrade kit for very simply converting existing steady burn installations into sequential. The upgrade kit would comprise

  • 1 x CMRU
  • 2 x SX0220 U channel band interface clamps for mounting
  • 1 x Naked 2 pin IP65 buccaneer style plug to connect into first chevron from CMRU
  • 1 x pickit programmer with Chevron upgrade firmware
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet


Model Specific to road speed - one size doesn’t fit all
A full range of SBC chevrons models are available in 18 x 24” (400 x 510), 24 x 30” (600 x 750) sizes ensuring the sign is appropriate for the road speed.

Independently proven - long term effective
BCMOT studies quoted above have shown the devices to be long term effective in lowering curve lane departure incidents where deployed.

Chevrons display intensity is uniform throughout the entire curve
Maintaining display luminosity uniformity across the full chevron chain is key to prevent creating a distraction at one point in the curve. The SBC chevrons achieve this by being linked with a data cable so all units operate identically at all times day and night.

Enhanced visibility in all weather and light conditions
The SBC combination of light emitting and light reflective technologies has been independently proven to afford better driver recognition of the curve in poor weather conditions and at night when potential for accidents is increased.

Targeted Message
The CMRU sequential SBC Chevron combination of light emitting, light reflective and K band radar technologies allows the enhanced sequential directional warning message to be targeted at drivers travelling above a pre-determined safe speed.


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