Safety Initiatives and Funding
Using our initiative to deliver best in class safety solutions.

Government agencies across the globe are under increasing pressure to cut budgets and increase productivity, in essence do more with less.

Safety Initiatives
The following white papers have been published on specific Unipart Dorman technology applications that have been proven to deliver safety and operational enhancements.

The papers are backed by independent data and current sector facts and can be further supported with generic bid specifications and product literature should clients wish to specify on upcoming projects.

Work Zone and Traffic Incident Management - ConeLITE Synchro
White Paper - Regaining Respect for the taper - WZ and TIM Crashes an Avoidable Tragedy


Work Zone - SynchroGUIDE
White Paper - Changing the face of work zones with Intelligent night time taper guide


Traffic Calming - VATCS
White Paper - Making roads safer in your community


Traffic Counting - Armadillo
White Paper - Counting the difference


Rail Signaling
White Paper - Signaling the way ahead in Toronto


Finding Funding
There are three types of grants generally available to provide funding for transportation safety programs: federal grants, provincial /state grants, and local government grants.

  • For larger Cities, there is usually a grant manager employed full time
  • For unincorporated areas, most counties also employ a grant manager
  • Visit your state, city, or county website
  • Search Grant/funding websites
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White Papers
  • Large Scale Evaluation of VATCS - Preventing accidents and improving life within your local community.

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